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Financial Responsibility

Certificate for Admission

When the student starts applying to universities for admission, they have to send the financial resposibility certificate from the parents. Most of the universities require this financial certificate at the time of sending the application materials while some other universities need this certificate at the time of issuing the admission letter. How to go about it ? very easy !!!! Ask your parents to approach us. We will guide them how to open a bank account with our Bank and account opening procedures are given below.

Bank Account Opening Procedure

6 Months Bank Statements for Visa Purpose

The second stage is Visa. After the student gets I-20, the student should go for interview, with six months bank statement. This will be maintained by us, the visa Officer randomly may verify the bank as to whether the student really has the money in his account on the particular day. We have proven record for this. A student had shared his bank statement verification experience with us, pls read the comments.

Wishing our students

Maniram Prasad Ravikumar
Marist College, New York M.S in Software Development

I really don't know how I choose to come here, but now feel that I have come to the right place. Starting from admission to till the Visa guidance Mr. Jayaraman sir worked really hard and looked me like his own son.

My VISA INTERVIEW was like a night mare. First I was asked ?Why did you apply to this College?? This you will get to know if you are at NOBLE. Then she asked about the Funds. I showed the Pass book, Bank statement which I got through this Consultancy. The VISA officer had a doubt in my document and doubted it to be fake.

She gave me two options!

I choose the Second option. I had lots of belief on Mr. Jayaraman sir. And during the VISA counseling class once he told this kind of cross checking had already happened! I really had full confidence in Mr. Jayaraman sir and team. I said to VISA officer ?Mam, please verify the bank if you have doubt, and I have no problems.?

They told me to wait for sometime !. After an hour the lady called me back and told ?Sorry for the inconvenience and you have provided genuine documents?. My VISA was issued.

At this time, I really thank Mr. Jayaraman sir for good guidance and smarter in work. Those who approach him can assure one thing ?You are not going to be fooled?. I also thank Secretary Madam and office staff of NOBLE for making my dream comes true.

Mani Ram Prasad
Reg. No. 2226

The above student's comments show our genuinity in preparing the Bank statement along with the other documents.